Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh Happy Day....Fridays...Are Happy,

I actually finished does happen sometimes
not often, ..only sometimes

Noro Sock Yarn
1 skein

I like the colors, the weight is nice, light...we'll give it the warmth test this winter. It only needs to work for weather in the low 50's....bummer, I'm thinking of sending it to Wisconsin where it can be used for it's full
wooly wonderfulness...they get the real winter temps...

This is not finished....yet
a bit of ripping out was required

Love the colors,
it's been blocked
you sure wouldn't know it
looking at this shot  

While I knit
Man In Black is
enjoying homemade soup
in Panera Sourdough
loafs of bread

What I would give to be able to eat like that everyday.
I'd be wearing those bread bowls in the
backside of each trouser pair I own.

have a great day friends,
I'll be back in the mornin'  


Katiebee said...

yeah for the finished project! i too, finished a pair of socks this week~ the soup looks so good! gonna have to give panera bread bowls a try~

happy weekending


Sherri B. said...

Good for you for finishing (I can't say that very often!), it looks the colors. - I would be afraid of the panera bowl as I love to sop up my soup with bread, yikes!

Have a great weekend!

opportunityknits said...

The colours are gorgeous!
That soup looks so yummy. I have a soft spot in my tummy for creamy chunky soup in bread bowls.
I will simply not look at my backside in the mirror :)
Have a great weekend!

Prairie Rose said...

What a lovely scarf!
It looks like a pattern I used this spring from Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders Book!????! Is it???
What yummy soup...I know what you mean though...I recently purchased a treadmill in hope that the winter time "padding" I am still packing wont get added to this winter....Though I have figured out that you do have to do more then just put the treadmill in your house....You actually have to get on it! (gasp!)

Heather said...

How pretty your new scarf is. I am jealous. I love to knit, but I am such a slow knitter that I never finish anything!

Your scarf really reminds me of Missoni. I guess that designer is really popular at Target right now. From what I hear, women are just going nuts over Missoni, and it all sold out the first day. You are quite the trendsetter! :)

Mikki said...

You make me LOL!!!! (The bread bowls on the bum)

I've awarded you the Kreativ Blogger Award. You can find the post at
and (if you're inclined to) you can pass it on!

Robin said...

Gorgeous colors! And the soup looks yummy. Oh, and I'm so glad it's Friday!