Monday, September 26, 2011

whirlwind of a weekend....

busy....too busy.....tired....needing another weekend to rest from the one I just had.....

do you ever have weekends like this??

nobody made me have a weekend like that - I did it to myself so I really have NO reason to gripe.

the paint has dried, the flowers are in the ground, the decorating is done, the cookies are baked, the meal to a neighbor delivered, pictures framed,....and another half dozen small tasks completed.

here's a few shots of some of what I did yesterday....

enjoy your day friends....I'm going to work where I can stay in one chair for the entire day without flitting from one project to another....

tonight - I need to "flit" to the hummingbird feeders and wash and fill them..

one garden gate

porch sitting

something for the
mailman to walk over

someone to say
hello to the mailman

the willow was looking

that old can 

thanks for stopping by
wish you could
come in
sit awhile

in the backyard
it's not looking
like Fall

remember I bought
this last week?

i still have
a garden
full of

see that wood pile
in the back corner?

I'm going to fill the
box and keep
my fingers crossed
for cold weather
continuing on with the new Halloween candy hat for Zoe....I'll show you soon, enjoy your day:-)


Leah said...

i love your house in the fall...we are getting ansty for this winter!! yay! got boxes today...thank you so so much. cupcake hat little big but looks like a cute cupcake slouch right now. much needed binkies too....i was on my last one! we love you!

Heather said...

Your fall decorating looks great! I really need to get started. Have a wonderful week!

Sherri B. said...

Everything looks so festive, I love, love your crows, how cute! I really need to get my decorating started too, especially after all of your inspiration!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

look at you go !!!! i LOVE it !!!

looks so festive and fun.... i love seeing this..just makes me happy... good for you !!!!

happy to stop by today, my friend

kary and teddy

Prairie Rose said...

Oh! Thank you for showing us your adorable porch and lovely yard!
I love all your fall decorations:)