Thursday, October 13, 2011

Control Center.....Taxi To The Terminal

Hi.....I'm back......

Had a great time...lots of visiting, picture taking, eating, walking, picture taking, picture taking (did I say that already????)

There are 397 photos on the camera, and that's not including the phone you can see I had the camera attached to my left eye for the better part of five days.

I have so many things to share with you:

new yarn,
new pattern,
new book,
new recipe,
new garden ideas,
new foods to try from Trader Joe's
new flowers to dry.......and those are only the things I can think of right now while I type.

Did I come home with a  heavy heart because I had to leave knowing I'll never live in one of those adorable houses???? Nope....and that's "a first" my friends.

I don't belong there....I came home excited about things to do to my own house right here in sunny hot....let's type that again since the weather forecast today is expected to be 102 degrees....HOT Southern California.

Man In Black doesn't know this yet but he's going to be a VERY busy man filling my heart's desires with the new inspirations I've brought back with me.....and there's a has to be finished before Team Sicily arrives in December. I best be extra nice and cook a few "favorites" so he'll be cooperative and hammer, saw, paint, and plant.

Off to work to gather my thoughts of what will be on this weekends project list....have a great day.

I plan to post each day and share the photos, yarn, trader joes, books, and give you a great big laugh.....

I laughed until I had tears running......remember the vest??????

Have you ever tried to count and pick up stitches (246) on an airplane???

Well, you'll get a chuckle when you see the outcome of my attempt....

I slept here

I walked here...

I have lots to share with you....

lots and lots of fun stuff....

see you soon friends.
I'll show you the vest before I rip it all out!!!!   All 50 rows!!!   


Prairie Rose said...

Cant wait to see some of those pics!
What a beautiful room for sleeping!!!
So cozy:)
So glad you are home and that you have exciting plans for your house, cant wait to see those too:)
Have a great day!

Sherri B. said...

What a sweet cozy a trip to grandma's house! Looking forward to seeing the rest!

Judy said...

Oh I would love to have walked there. I can't wait to see your photos and I just ripped out a sock that I was almost done with...I just didn't like how it was fitting.

Heather said...

There's no place like Southern California, even though it's super hot here today! Glad that you're back. Sounds like you're bubbling with ideas! I'm looking forward to hearing more.

a view from a brown dog said...

Welcome home buddy! It must be in the HOT air becasue i just ripped out a glove i was working on. Love the gorgeous fall colors and the reflection on the lake. You sound so excited and bursting with plans, cant wait to see what you're up to!