Thursday, October 20, 2011

Heathers n Oaks

As I type this.....I have a large black wet nose pushed against my left wrist....drool on my forearm....

she's so annoying when I'm on the phone or at the computer because she's learned that there 's a good chance a goodie to eat is in her future....just to get her away so I can type.....

she's a smart dog....she has a stupid owner.

Anyway,,,, at lunch yesterday I zoomed over to my very favorite yarn shop in the world (Velona's Needlecraft & Yarn) she has floor to ceiling yarn - and a small amount of needlecraft-you'd think she'd flip the name around..... but to continue I found some closely matching grey yarn that I think will work to finish the slouchy...

I'm carrying along the remainder of the original and blending in the new...doesn't that sound like I know what I'm doing and I'm an old pro at this knitting hobby??? In truth....I'm just flying by the seat of my pants and hoping for the best.

While shopping (you know I couldn't go there and not come out with something other than what I went there for) I found this......wool & mohair....Lamb's Pride

we've been planting lots of oak trees lately at work (I work in the landscape construction industry)
it's an earthly color with a bit of gold and when I saw the name - Wild Oak....sold.

this wouldn't apply if I found yarn called Marigold Meadow....we've been planting those along with pansies and snap dragons. None of which I'd wear.

Have a great day....tomorrow I'll be sporting the grey slouchy for viewing by Team Sicily where it's destined to be mailed.

Did I tell you Team Sicily (son & daughter-in-law & baby Zoe) are going to take a scenic trip to Scotland???

They leave very soon and I'm hoping and hoping and hoping that they'll tape a camera to their foreheads and posts pictures all over their blog...check it out in a couple of days...over at An American Werewolf in Sicily....her link is the picture of Leah with the black sunglasses in my followers list.

One day I'll figure out how to post a link for you to click...for now....I have to figure out what I'm going to were to work....

I was thinking yesterday that if I spent the money on clothes that I spend on yarn I'd have plenty of choices at 7:00 a.m.

I decided on a bird
instead of planting in the window box
it's still "in progress"

these are the vintage little doves
that will reside on the
roof of the little
house out back 

have a great day friends...see you soon....lots of love to Sicily...we miss you like crazy.      


Katiebee said...

beautiful colors! anxious to see what you create~

happy fall!


a view from a brown dog said...

You lucky girl, SO jealous of your trip to Velona's! Havent found a a place around here yet. Looks like you grabbed some nice fibers do you have plans for it yet? Cant wait to see your Slouchy, Monkey took over mine which is good because it looks really great on her. Loved your line "if I spent the money on clothes that I spend on yarn I'd have plenty of choices at 7:00 a.m." Hilarious thanks for the giggle.

Melodie said...

Thanks for visiting me! I hope you will post a pict of your finished slouchy!All that yarn looks wonderful,I am a bit of a yarn addict myself! I love your birds too,wonderful vintage doves!

Sherri B. said...

You are tempting me to start knitting something, just for an excuse to by some of that yummy yarn. xo