Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trader's Favorites

I have more tree pictures but there's no shortage of "Fall" posted all over blogland so I'm going with

Here's what I bought the other night after work after I returned home from Chicago. My Aunt and I went to Trader Joe's in her town and this all looked good to me - I wasn't sure I'd see the same products here in California but I found everything I was looking I bake them I'll give you a review if they'll be a "do over" or not.

I'm thinking the Pumpkin Cheesecake is a seasonal item....good thing...I can't imagine the size of my hips if this was available year round.

Here's some pictures of the inside of the house I visited.....the same wallpaper, same cabinets, same knotty pine's a very homey kinda place.

The vest.....when you pick up and cast on over two hundred stitches on a circular needle somewhere over Denver at 36,000's a crap shoot how it will turn out.

Although, to be perfectly's always a gamble how my efforts will turn out.

I finished the last row, cast off and held it up..... and then thought "that's looks cockeyed".

Ya it's cockeyed and I had a really good laugh......I think my Mom was relieved when I said I was going to rip it out and reknit know, as a "Good Mom" she would have had to wear it cockeyed because we do that for our children, regardless of their ages.
We love whatever they give us - even garments that look like this masterpiece.  You'll see my work tomorrow on the next post.

Enjoy your Saturday....I'll post yarn, books, and a cute idea for a broken yard tool tomorrow.

Also I'm heading to an Antique Sale on Sunday - that could be bad news....normally I'd pass since I really have no room for more furniture and yard collections but this recent trip has filled my brain with endless additions to the old homestead. I have a wish list to give to The Dutch Girl who is a pro at shopping at thrift stores....more clutter for the yard but it's fun - recycle and, I've decided to make my house and yard my own little world. "Bloom Where You're Planted"....I'm going with that motto and giving up the daydreaming that the grass is greener on the other side of the state line.

See you soon friends...and a very special thank you to those leaving a comment sharing with me what you like to buy from Trader Joe's....I'm going to try your favorite items on my next shopping trip.

I'll share what I bring home from the sale on, I have another really cute clever house to show you - the woman inside this house is so fun and carefree -
These both looked good to me....
cheese and crackers...

tortilla chips are great all by themselves
this brownie mix.....
you don't add anything....
just open, pour into a pan....
easy peasy
I opened the freeze door for this shot.
it's in the frozen foods at good 

Man In Black & I are pigs...
one bag is a single serving in our house
quick n easy on a weeknight after work

I'm taking a recommendation from Aunt in Chicago
she says this is great
I'll let you know
it's tonight's dinner

Tomorrow I'll post the Trader Joe's French Toast we're eating for breakfast right now...I forgot to add that good.

Next up: The Green House   
I think you'll agree - and her house is SO GREEN!! As in paint, not as in Earth friendly.

See you tomorrow....Man In Black is in the garage finishing up something good for me....he's a keeper.   


Katiebee said...

such a sweet home~ i'm anxious to hear what you think of the traders items~

happy weekending


Dutch Girl said...

Dutch girl wants to know: what special treasure is it you want from the thrift shops? If you are suggesting something for the yard, then since we have the same tastes, I will probably want to keep it once I find it! (Especially if it is a rusty yard implement, or shaped like a tortoise, or marked "Hadley" on the back.) :-)

Heather said...

Looks like you picked up some delicious Trader Joe's food! My daughter made the coffeecake mix and said that it was delicious too!