Monday, October 17, 2011

36,000 ft. and counting...

Here's the vest.....see the collar??? I need to rip back a few dozen rows.....
Even the photo is cockeyed.
I'm not seeing the option
to rotate the pic.
See the collar?

Oh well, we all had a good laugh....I'll rip it out and start over.

The jury is back on the Peppercorn, Garlic Pork Tenderloin from Trader Joes' - it's a do over.
It's easy and quick,
Very Man In  Black is going in for the Pumpkin Cheescake....he's not even waiting for it to thaw.
Are you interested in these Team Sicily???

Today we went to the antique sale - three old collectible cameras, a set of vintage doves, and a large oval galvanized trough for planting the entire Wizard of Oz scene and now we're ready to relax and begin the evening - I also planted strawberries, pink geraniums and cleaned out two closet shelves this's been productive....I'm finally getting a handle on the amount of clutter that fills this house. Bags and bags stand ready at the front door for a oneway trip to the thrift store.
Finally cute shades.....
no more plastic miniblinds in my house
only took a couple of decades
better late
than never

Here's something that's so far overdue in completing I don't even want to tell you - I love the look of these shades. I've had miniblinds for years under these curtains and each and every day I've thought "I've got to get rid of those things".... but in life there's always something more pressing. Mortgage payment, food, car payments, etc....well, now I've opened the can of worms and I'm going through the house completing the window treatments that have bothered me. Does that mean we no longer have "more pressing finances?"

Not hardly - I'm just getting too old to wait any longer....they really do make a HUGE difference in the room - I'm the type of person who runs outside to see how it looks from the street (it has to look equally good from both inside and out since curb appeal is a must)

Speaking of curb appeal....what do you think of this?

This house typically has shutters on the windows..
they get changed out for each holiday
"Halloween Shutters"
were installed about an hour after this photo
I love this house, she has a yard filled with an entire village of gnomes and has a sweet little sandbox area with toys for small children to play when they walk past....she's NEVER had anyone tamper with her yard and the kids always leave the toys behind for the next child to play with...sweet.

 A nice childhood memory for them to make of the "lady in the green house with little toys in her yard".

Enjoy your day....I'm working on a slouchy (I'm out of yarn and I'm not finished with it yet...bummer)
Next will be a couple of beanies and a new's a link to Ravelry that I'll post tomorrow.
Those of you who will be enjoying Jack Frost this winter may like this new pattern I found. 

Thanks for stopping by....the fact that there are sooooo many bloggers out there and that you take time to come over and read's very appreciated. Thank You!!!

I'll have time today to visit your blogs and leave comments...I finally resolved the problem with not being able to leave a message. Now you'll all be hearing from me.  
Here's the French Toast from Traders
in the frozen section
really quick.....super good tasting
says breakfast to me
out the door to start the day:-) 

See you tomorrow, can you believe how quickly this month is going? We'll be talking Christmas trees soon.


Heather said...

Love the shades in the window! Did you add the ruffle? Also, the shade looks perfect with the cute striped window treatments!

Sherri B. said...

Love the 'lady in the green house with the toys in the yard'!

About your photo, where ever you load your photos on your computer, you should be able to right click on the photo and a list should come up and on it should be something like, rotate clockwise or counter clockwise..hope that helps.

Katiebee said...

love the story of the house with toys for passerby' darn sweet is that~ i like the yarn choice for your wonky vest~ ahhhh frogging....
i just frogged a mitten that was too small...i should have reminded myself, check gauge, check gauge, check gauge..*L*

have a good one!



Spare Parts and Pics said...

Awesome cameras!!!!!!!

a view from a brown dog said...

oh gosh where to start with this post, you have so much going on and i LOVE it! haha.

i cant believe you had to rip out the vest... collar only right? The window tx looks fantastic and the "curb appeal" couple are SO cute! The camera collection of oldies, love the brownie :) is fantastic. Arwe you going to play with film too?
Have a great week, give me a call about the river.

Judy said...

Oh I just hate ripping out. I love the boy and girl statue.