Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Apple ..fills my home

So many things to share....I forget half of what I wanted to tell you....is that old age setting in????

I reject that notion, so go away "old age fairy"....I'm getting better by the year.
I tried to post another photo showing
the apples, leaves, sticks...
no luck - sorry folks
So,......here's the candle....I smelled it the moment I opened the front door and I hadn't even lit it yet...
maybe it was worth the small fortune I paid for it...but I don't want to think about that....and no, I don't tell Man In Black what I buy and certainly not what I pay for things...they just randomly appear in the house and he's smart not to ask "where'd that come from" and if he does......the answer is half the dollar amount.

We've been married 32 years...he's a happy camper...I'm a happy camper...so this method seems to be working.

I've been thinking a lot about this blog lately...someone asked me today the purpose of it.

The purpose isn't important...what is important is you...the people who have followed. The people who have become friends...the people who inspire me and share your lives with me.

I've been thinking what I could do for you....I could post "a prize" but that would only benefit "one"...
so what can I give all of you, something that will bring something into your lives?

A recipe...a recipe that is a favorite....so simple, so easy, so cost effective in this economy that will bring compliments to you from your loved ones at the table.  I would like to give "a prize" to each and every one of you...I can't afford to do that...so I'm going to give you the most requested food item I've ever been asked to prepare...

I have to go to the market to buy the three ingredients....please check back....I really want you to make this and share with your loved ones...this is my gift to you...without you...there would be no "Lap Dog Knits".

I'll see you soon friends....think "bread"...isn't that the perfect food for sharing...bread?
But, not your usual type of bread


Sherri B. said...

I am looking forward to the recipe. My last attempt, 2 days ago, was not so good, so I'm on the hunt for something a bit easier that will 'turn out' and encourage me to keep it up...Can't wait! xo

Dutch Girl said...

I would like any recipe that has less than five ingredients! Anything else is just too much trouble. :-) Better yet, anything that tastes really yummy that comes from a box to which you just add water or butter; please advise.

P.S. Please come by my house to claim your garden fairy. She has become confused and is hanging around in my garage.