Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I made a quick trip over on my lunch hour to the favorite yarn shop that's closing - Velona's Needlecraft.

I was relieved to hear she'll be there until Spring because she needs to move out the massive amount of inventory she has - we're talking floor to ceiling folks - rows and rows and rows of floor to ceiling.

If you're looking for that "certain something"...Rose always has it somewhere in her shop.

 On the way through the parking lot I spotted this car....with a spare tire on the back.....

The woman behind the wheel of this car really loves to crochet.....or she has WAY too much time on her hands.
I'm still trying to figure out how to make a crocheted flower....I think if I was driving behind her I'd hit the bumper while getting an upclose look at the pattern she used. 

Enjoy your day....with camera in hand I hope to take some decent photos today - there's a certain pack of dogs I've been wanting you to see.

See you soon friends


Heather said...

Wow, she certainly does love to crochet! Did she happen to have a personalized license plate too? Wouldn't that be funny??

Christine said...

The closest knitting store besides Hobby Lobby and Walmart for me to shop is 40 minutes away. The store mentioned have a limited amount of yarn to choose from. Bummer. I would love to have a yarn store closer that not only sold yarns but gave lessons.

opportunityknits said...

You've done it again, made me chortle out loud in my office!! I won't be surprised if someone's already done that, you know, bumped into her bumper to get a closer look at the pattern, which is a very nice pineapple design :) The practical part of me also wonders how she keeps the crochet clean :)
Thanks for giving me the laugh of my day, just as good as watching one of my Korean comedy dramas!