Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Mt. Etna".....or "Leah"?

I've named this the Etna Cowl.....why?

Because it's going to be mailed to Mt. Etna, Italy.....

Where it's cold,,,,,windy......and well, because my family is always willing to receive handknitted projects from dear ol' mom.

Even if they don't fit, not the best of color selection....but this one.......

I think this one is a winner!!!

Here's the skinny on what I used and such:

Four skeins of Katia Ethnic - color 6507
Size 13 Circular Needles - 36" long

Cast On - 80 stitches
Join....careful not to twist....or, perhaps a nice twist would be the perfect touch.

Rows 1 & 2

Rows 3,4,5,6,
Knit 2, Purl 3

I continued in this pattern....round and round..... 

I kept going until I was out of yarn and ended with a knit row and cast off.

I love the color, the thickness.....I have baby kid yarn that I may someday make another and keep....

we'll see, I have at least 20 other projects in the works to complete first - that's the 2012 plan.

Finish what I have and stay out of the yarn shops.

See you soon - it's Mexican food out tonight with Mom so I'm heading out the door for a walk so I can enjoy the chips and salsa with a smidgen of guilt.


Sherri B. said...

Love that cowl!! I bet it went fast with such lovely big stitches..great colors too. Have fun with mom. xo

opportunityknits said...

this is gorgeous!

a view from a brown dog said...

Oh Kyle love this cowl, it gorgeous! I know she'll love it. You know you could sport one of these babies at the lake, it's cold there right now. How long did it take you?

Dutch Girl said...

You might be able to fit a baby under it too. :-)

Kara said...

That is fantastic. It looks so knobbly and cozy!

Prairie Rose said...

LOVE it!
It looks so warm and cozy and you look like a Movie Star!