Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tweedy Goodness....Details Tonight:-)

A very long slouchy completed.....did I say long?

I'll post the picture tonight for you to judge.

They said "ummm, long". So..... long it is.

I love the, love, love it. It's earthy, tweedy, bits of hay, flecks of color....and the best part???

I have more to make myself a slouchy!!!!

It will be mailed this weekend, off to Sicily...with the remaining boxes...the stroller?

Still waits in the livingroom - I'm not quite ready to pack it away yet....

I'll see you tonight - before Man In Black & I head to the movies....we're going to see "War Horse"...

I hope I don't come home wanting to replace the stroller in the livingroom with a saddle.

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Prairie Rose said...

I want to see!
I want to see!