Monday, January 6, 2014

tangles to ties….

Grandpa has always been fussy about his girls…..Mama, Daughter, and Grand Baby's hair….

since Mama is still trying to master using a curling iron at the age of 56…..

Grandpa has moved on and primped and curled daughter and grand baby's hair over the years….

so it wasn't a surprise when Zoe was called to sit and stay awhile while the comb, brush and ribbons  made an appearance…..

Zoe was more than happy to cooperate since she knew Nana would shower her with "oh, you look so pretty!!!" when her stylist was finished….

when choosing your buttons and bows….
it's always best to do it while enjoying a purple lollipop......

the bottom bow didn't last the car trip to the zoo….
ripped out by chubby little hands…..

not to worry, she has her personal stylist in the palm of her chubby little fingers….
She eyed a box full of ribbons with every possible color selection, all were considered and two were chosen…..

a ribbon change every 15 minutes would have been preferred by this two year old but Nana would soon have depleted her supply, so the ribbons returned to the wooden box for another day with her personal hairstylist - Grandpa

the buttons came out for an early morning inspection since she's a smart little rascal and remembered…
where there's ribbons, there's buttons….

several were chosen for sweaters yet to be hand knit and since that requires "waiting" we took a pass through her overnight bag to see of there were any clothes that might be willing to sacrifice the store sewn buttons for Nana's "oh so plastic, oh so sweet babyish" ones found in the button boxes…

since "the stylist" was waiting with comb and brush in hand….and the zoo was next….

the buttons were put on hold for another time….

enjoy your day friends….…..a fun filled full week ahead with lots of good stuff happening…..


Mereknits said...

SO sweet! Oh I love that Grandpa does the little ones hair, that is such a special thing for both of them. And look what a great job he did.
Hugs to you,

Changes in the wind said...

Love this...she is just the cutest thing.