Wednesday, March 19, 2014

middle of the week and happy to report…'s been uneventful

the street trees are in the process of trimming from the City workers….

the vegetable pots from the nursery are waiting (and thankfully still alive) until Saturday morning when they'll join the others in the ground and my garden becomes Officially Underway….

I'm still searching for the seed packs I bought from Home Depot of Teddy Bear Sunflowers….
Steve's told me they are in the garage, but I'd have better luck finding a needle in an entire barn than anything in the garage….he has a system to this space….after 35 years I just haven't figured it out yet..

so on Saturday the shovel, rakes, bags, gloves and ice filled drinking glasses will appear alongside my coop and the labor will continue….

paint brushes, radio tunes, open kitchen windows, neighboring kitty cats watching from the roof, all will be seen and heard while I whistle my afternoon away…

but for now….I must whistle my way out the door and off to work….have a great day everyone

I drive a bright red Jeep…
these boys get to drive Big Red Trucks...

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