Wednesday, April 16, 2014

after a short handful of months….

and lots of holding my breath to see if I could actually succeed is raising a day old chick…

my sweet chicks have grown and rewarded me with a gift….

as of today….seven sweet gifts….

as expected, the eggs are small in size,

 but as the chickens continue to grow….so will their eggs….

still waiting on Matilda's eggs….her's will be brown….

she's my favorite….(I whisper to her that she's my sweet girl so the others don't hear)...

she's so sweet and beautiful….
a chicken..who knew I'd love a silly chicken?

enjoy your day….

the chickens will be out of the coop finding the bugs the rose garden promises each morning…

I'll be searching in hopes of a new surprise in the coop….


Mereknits said...

She is a beauty and those eggs are just gorgeous.

A View From A Brown Dog said...

Yay you got eggs! Good girls they are and cute too!

wagwinggarden said...

Never been an egg person but those are pretty eggs... gotta come by and see the girls..Your roses are beautiful..

Southern_Belle_Reincarnated said...

Oh My Gosh! She's beautiful and looky those eggs....I've never seen pink and green shells. What gives them their color, Kyle?