Friday, May 9, 2014

the early morning hours have always been my favorite part of the day….

barefoot and feeling the extreme need to sweep and clean my wooden floors,

instead I push open the double hung windows throughout the house….

letting in the sounds and morning air into the kitchen, front porch, and back bedroom…

the cat wastes no time in filling the window ledge, stretching the length with hair poking through the screen and more than ample body spilling over confirming she needs to diet..

the broom will have to wait,

instead cold butter is brought to room temperature, mason jars of chocolate chips, walnuts from the freezer,  beautifully colored eggs gathered yesterday, parchment paper and cooling racks….

the light on the oven glows as the heat increases in preparation….

a freshly baked batch of cookies is the perfect start to the day….


hope you'll begin your day with something sweet…..

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