Saturday, May 10, 2014

the original mirror glue is on the door
we have the mirror but it's too worn…
a replacement shouldn't be hard to find

original light….

original light…..

thankfully no water damage on the ceiling….
can't say the same for the two back seams on the walls

as trailer counter tops go…..this ones huge!!!!
lucky me…….!!!!

something new is parked at my address….

something very dirty and in need of lots and lots of elbow grease…..

these photos are the best part of "this something new"….

the dirt and rust and water damaged photos will be shown later down the road….

it is our intention to repair this little treasure and take her camping…..

and if she's a good fit?…..well, then she's going to become our home away from home and sheltering us while we travel in the coming years….

Ariel is perfect for us on a short weekend…..but hopefully someday we'll be able to stay out on the road a bit longer than just a weekend…and the bonus?

there's a bunk bed….for Zoe and cousin Lilly to come camping with us….

the table's huge, room for game playing and birdhouse building….

and the dogs….the screen even had a pet proof covering….
of course, the entire screen needs replacement now and is bent likely beyond repair….

I'll show you more pictures in the coming weeks as we make progress….

thankfully, Steve seems quite interested in the project and knows there's ample time to make her sparkle again…..we have a handful of years to go before we'll be on the open highways for any amount of extended time….summer vacations from school will be necessary to take the youngsters with us…..

when we moved her today out of the sellers driveway where she's been parked for the past eleven years?… flat as pancakes

two neighbors came out asking what we paid and what we were going to do with it….

and another came across to tell me his Mom wanted to buy it….later she called me on the phone asking if she could come over to see it…..

seems these little vintage trailers have a growing interest with more people everyday….

if she's not a good fit for us?….I don't think I'll have to look far for a new buyer….

I plan to make some youtube videos….tomorrow will be the first…..I'll let you know when I post it….


Spare Parts and Pics said...

Wow, she really cleans up nicely! The wood is beautiful. What a great find!!

Mereknits said...

How exciting another fun rehab project.