Monday, August 11, 2014

after unpacking the ice chest and checking for things that may crawl and go bump in the night…

I settled in to begin a new knitting project and watch a t.v. episode that was a childhood favorite….

I miss the simpler times…effortless when all was required was the turn of a dial….

I miss the days when I knew how to turn on a television set….

Will Robinson still looked the same….Robot and Penny…..

but I needed extensive instruction on which one was for the power, volume and channel surfing….

VHS or CD….I expect one controlled a Beta since heaven forbid we throw away a remote...


I moved my knitting down to the lake where all I needed was a chair….

nice to know some things will always remain the same….

if you really want to relax….leave the electric outlets behind….

the camera, televisions and cells….

it will still be there when you get back…..and likely a new application just added to your phone

enjoy your day!!


and this hat???
ripped totally apart and started over in the car ride back home…
and ripped back again half way last night after watching a movie….
it would have fit fine if my head was 6" higher…

it was due to all the excitement of last night's Netflix selection…."Prisoners"…
check it out…….it will keep your attention….
and leave you scratching your head at the end….or ripping back your knitting...


Mereknits said...

I swear i still do not know how to make the DVD work.
Hugs to you and happy knitting.

Amy at love made my home said...

Agg!!!! The march of the remotes! Why can't they make one that does it all, why does everything need it's own one! xx