Saturday, September 13, 2014

the windows are open…
the neighbors dog barks and distant sounds from cars can be heard

another record breaking day of heat is forecast
it feels so nice to let the early morning coolness linger through the screens

a plane flys over

the garden hose fills the Jacuzzi….
not with the intention of a warm soak…
but rather a cool water jet filled tub for Zoe and I to enjoy until Fall arrives

the cat lays on the sofa back with paws tucked under…
another plane
the dog continues with pointless barking

Zoe is sleeping in the small middle bedroom…
what are the thoughts of a three year old when she wakes in Nana's house?
does she lay there listening to the dog?
looking around the room from her flower girl wedding dress on the wall to her tiny frosted
glass lid jar filled with chocolate beads?
Nana's yarn cakes neatly stacked along side overstuffed project bags with hopes a surprise for her waits inside?

I miss my Grandmother..
our conversations..
her wisdom..
there are so many things I need to ask her..

so instead I will follow her footsteps..

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