Friday, September 12, 2014

this week there's been:

continued hot weather
eggs to collect from tolerant hens
a late night spent in a hospital emergency room (all is well, no need for worry), except about the bill
evening walks discussing everything from hospital visits to patio cover remodels
new flea market finds hung on the wall
telephone chats about trailers and traveling
texts with more talk of trailers and traveling
and an absurd text about buying land and moving away….and a heart that can't ever really leave
a front yard discussion with neighbors about business ownership and El Nino
(I'm secretly hoping beyond hope it arrives with full fury)
a phone call confirming a long awaited contract assuring continued employment
with each passing day bringing Portland closer…

new shoes along with a pair of jeans
the dressing room mirrors revealing the powdered sugar donuts
new music to learn on the ukelele
a video sent via text of baby Zoe that's been replayed over and over

and the pondering of what to recommend to you this Friday morning…
hum? what shall it be?

Fridays Recommendations:

drink from a special glass….whether plastic, paper, pottery or glass….make it special and only for you 
bring something from outside your home and keep it in a place you will see it often
have music playing from a distant space
wash your car
tell someone you know who smokes…."it's Hell" while the doctors try to save them when they discover the cancer and to stop that filthy habit….(I recommend this daily)
when nobody is looking….see if you still remember how to skip and play Hopscotch

but most of all, hug the person you love most in this world….and do it often... daily isn't enough

Happy Friday….
see you soon…..I'll be staying home this weekend working on something special…

at least that's the plan right now at 6:30 a.m….

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