Friday, October 30, 2015

I have a full weekend planned and next week will fly with a shortened work week and an extended weekend camping...

so with all I have on my plate...I found time to knit a Halloween costume for Madison...
she's new to this world...
just 15 days old

her parents will be taking her big sister trick or treating...and Maddie will be tucked inside a football costume...with Mom & Dad dressed as football players..

Zoe?...she's going door to door as Lava Girl...a PERFECT costume made but her Mommy..
a job so well done!!

as for me?...I'll be answering the door to the few expected visitors in my child light neighborhood..

in between?...packing, cleaning and knitting...

Mom & Steve will be relaxing with the television and ice cream dishes filled and topped with cream..

my knitting list is long...the longest I've ever had..
over the weekend I'll have time for some photography of my finished objects ..
and links to my future projects!!

happy Halloween..happy weekend...enjoy your extra hour of sleep on Sunday!!

1 comment:

Prairie Rose said...

Oh, I guess I should have kept reading to find out what Zoe's costume was;)
This football costume is ADORABLE!
I saw something like that on pinterest a few months back and just wanted to knit it because it was so cute.
Don't have any little ones around me at the moment though:)