Sunday, July 25, 2010

Special Times

Spent the weekend on the lake, starting another burp cloth, this is the second of four (it's hard to knit when it's heading to 112 for the afternoon high temp) I need completed by Sept. The weather started off cloudy and a bit windy but the day ended perfectly with sunshine and high temps. We spent time with Girlfriend and her special friend B.J. Fun times and memories made, time on the water, a nice dinner out, and the evening in the local watering hole watching karaoke. No, I didn't sing, so you can consider that as a favor to those inside the local dive. B.J. did however sing, he rocks..... no wonder Girlfriend is such a happy girl. I would love to share pictures and give details on the couple but she would FOREVER remove me from her Christmas shopping list so I think I best keep it at: they are a great couple and enjoy eachothers company....

A frosty cold margarita started the Friday afternoon when we arrived along with homemade salsa made by Husband, he takes the Blue Ribbon on salsa making. Back to work in the morning with a plan to track down the July Flavor of the Month at Baskin Robbins. I still have a few days and maybe I can include a couple more people to join us this week.

Have a great week everyone, I need to figure out how to make knitted flowers this week to trim the burp cloths, buy two more sized needles and then start the pants. I'm most excited about the denim pants, too cute..... another trip coming up in the near future which will allow me 12 hours of knitting time while traveling. Not sure what project I'll make but I love when we take road trips.

Enjoy your week everyone!!


Prairie Rose said...

Boy Howdy,that margarita looks pretty good!
Its not 112 here now,but its certainly warm.
I know what you mean,its hard to knit when its hot out,isnt it?
Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

a view from a brown dog said...

Sounds like another great weekend! Yikes 112 not as bad as the 122 it was the weekend before. ugh
Thank goodness for a nice cold margarita to cool things down. I hope to get out there in a few weeks probably September. Have a great dat talkt o you soon!