Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You Scream...I'll Scream...We'll All Scream



I've made another decision in my life - I know it's small but it makes me really happy.....

I've decided to eat an ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins every month for the rest of my life (or until they go out of business, they've been in business for the past 64 years!!) The twist to this is I'm always going to order a scoop in a sugar cone of whatever the flavor of the month is!!!! Even if it doesn't sound good, I want to eat the flavor of the month selection. Ice cream and popcorn have always been my favorite things to eat and I usually deny myself both because of calories. Well, I'm certainly worth an ice cream cone once a month and I don't think my jeans will punish me for a special treat. It really is the simple things in life that brings me the most pleasure, in addition to this new decision, I'm including my Mom (and sister-in-law and anyone else who wants to join me)to partake in the monthly sampling of the "flavor of the month". My Mom, however, says she won't be ordering a cone if it doesn't sound good and instead order a flavor she knows she'll like, I, on the otherhand, will order whatever the month flavor is....unless it's a repeat I've sampled in the past, in which case, it's the recommendation of the soda jerk. I'm too young to have ever gone to a parlor when they were called that - but not by much!!! They were out of the flavor for July, but the month's not over, Mom and I will check tomorrow with two other local B.R.'s (word on the street it's sold out everywhere) and see if we can have another cone before the month's over - I do know the flavor, do you???? Check back with Lap Dog, if it's out there, we'll find it.

Mom's selection today was Apple Pie & Ice Cream - an excellent choice and I have to say one of my very favorites, I love it and usually buy a half gallon of Dryers in November when they sell their "for a limited time" flavors.

So, I lift my cone to you out there to have a great evening, if you have a favorite flavor let me know what it is and I'll keep you posted if it makes it to the "month flavor".


Prairie Rose said...

mmmm,I love Ice Cream.
The Summer I was 19,I went on a Mission Trip to India.
The local cusine did not agree with me,but I found that they had simply the best Ice Cream I had ever tasted.
So,I ate ice cream for every meal while I was there.(their ice cream was kinda like an american sundae,full of nuts and fruit,so it was healthy,right?)
Oh,to be young and thin and be able to eat Ice Cream for every meal all summer long.......those were the days.....:)
But,I agree! Eating ice cream once in awhile WILL NOT wreck our figures!
And you deserve it!
Looking forward to hearing more about your "ice cream adventure"!
Have a great weekend!

My Sterling Shot said...

Oh my, LDK, that looks mighty tasty. I was up in State College yesterday with number one son and had a root beer float. Yum! Need to post about it soon.

Ragdoll Riches said...

I'd love to join the next "ice cream tasting"....let me know!