Friday, July 2, 2010

While Walking

Hope everyone will have a great Friday today - looking forward to the celebrations this weekend will bring; an 18th birthday, 31st. anniversary, 4th of July cookout.
Time is really flying so I best get back to my knitting this weekend, I have several projects planned as Christmas gifts. Lap Dog was bored one afternoon and found a very soft skein of Blue Sky Alpaca pink in a basket on the floor (her level for discovery) and had a fine time running here and there with the treasure in her mouth. Not to worry, no harm to the yarn this time. In the past however, she did find a special yarn which has never been the same since it now has traces of dog saliva through at least 1/4 of the skein. A very little ball of softness I just couldn't leave behind in my local yarn shop - just the name made me need to take it home with me - Yum Yum. It will be the perfect tuft on top of a baby hat, Lap Dog saliva and all.

These are mushrooms that will only grow from dead trees,,,I regret I'm unable to tell you the name of these mushrooms, I found them while walking in the morning along a road in Wisconsin. Interesting something so beautiful will only grow on something that had died. I will continue to share more pictures over the weekend taken at The Clearing in Wisconsin. I've been receiving calls from friends since returning asking about my experience - too bad this place is so far away, so many people could benefit from such a beautiful place ---- I haven't even touched yet on the class I attended and the teacher and my fellow students!! So much still left to tell everyone...

See everyone tomorrow - will be going to "the island" as the locals call it tonight after work to look for a birthday gift - needing something for a surfer as a birthday gift next week.

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a view from a brown dog said...

Those mushrooms are so pretty. Looks like you are having a wonderful time! BTW the cabin at the end of the rainbow...Fasntastic!