Monday, August 2, 2010

Road Trips.......

I love going on long drives in the car, I'm always the passenger as Husband prefers to do all the driving (great when you love to knit and have no problem with motion sickness).

So, finally some pictures of knitting, how long has it been?? These cute little pants have a bit of finishing up to do, I'm working on this pink hat (third attempt to get the gauge, still not right but three's my limit) and am looking forward to using Yum Yum yarn, I bought it because it's so soft and with a name like Yum Yum, I had to have it!!!!! (Changed my mind, the Yum Yum will now be a beanie topper instead of the rabbit hat)
Both will be completed soon so I'll post the finished projects. Next, I need to make some knitted flowers to attach to the burp clothes, then finish up the mattresses and make a doll to go with them....somewhere along the line I have to start & complete a couple more Christmas gifts. I am having way too much fun with this hobby, I have something in the works that I'm having a blast making - I'll share the pictures before the end of the weekend, those of you who stop by to see what I'm up to from the Sacramento area, please keep these a secret - they are for the baby showers. I'm not going to show you everything, something has to remain a surprise, for everyone else - all the knitted baby items will be posted after the two showers.
Babies are the best to knit for, no matter how off the mark the project may turn out - how could it ever look bad on a sweet little baby?????

Off to the Farmers Market, need some tomatoes for a super batch of salsa requested earlier in the week. Husband takes the Blue Ribbon on making salsa and I have a wonderful tequila in the freezer and margarita mix waiting for me to enjoy as I scoop the salsa (I'm the official taste tester).

Have a great Saturday --- hope to do some baking this weekend with recipes from The Clearing, still thinking of that place, several people now interested in experiencing the location. So glad I spent time there - now I know what's on the other side of the pendulum from my lifestyle. I'm working on a perfect balance now, getting pretty darn close!!!


Prairie Rose said...

I just love road trips.
Actually any travel just simply thrills me to my toes.
I love the fact of getting into some sort of transportation and arriving someplace totally different!
I agree,knitting baby things are some of THE best things to knit:)
Have a great day!

a view from a brown dog said...

yay for road trips I love them too! Although sad to say but most of my knitting is now only happening on the open road. I am only able to (((sqeeeeze))) a little in at night (sad face) I am looking forward to balancing work and my "me" time. Are you heading to the river this month?