Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Son arrived safely in Sicily.... after what must have seemed forever to get there. It sounds like the dogs may not be traveling after all, I think it would be too stressful (Margo is a special needs dog) so I do hope Sam will love and care for them. We'll always be available when he needs to go away for training missions for future sleepovers.

Knitting: a new dishcloth decorates my kitchen sink, finally I finished something. Tomorrow is my Wednesday Knit Group at lunch hour and last week we all said we'd bring something completed, I'm not the only one who put the needles down due to hot weather. I'm not taking the dishcloth, that's too weak an example to share. So, I'll just hold up one of my five unfinished projects and tell them "maybe next week" for a completed project. We keep eachother on task with not getting too many things half done and then on to something new. Peer pressure has it's advantages.

I have these buttons, I LOVE THEM..... a gift from my cousin, so does my Mom....I am long over due in knitting a vest for her and I'm going to use these buttons. I'm heading to my LYS this weekend to see what I can find. She's going to Chicago in the coming month so I need to get my groove going, too many projects to complete before the holidays, I do wish I had a great job where I would be paid to sit and knit and just play all day - maybe someday. Did I tell you how sweet these dogs are????? Klaus just walked over, licked my arm and walked away. Have a great Wednesday.....

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