Thursday, October 21, 2010

Woodland Critters?.....Absolutely

Funny how this is always the case.... new patterns keep arriving before I can even come close to completing even a fraction of the knitting I would like to be doing. This applies to reading books too, but that's a whole different topic.

I picked up this new magazine on the way home today, the "Forest Animal Collection" are now added to the "to do" list, yikes...will there be an end to this constant growing list? It's looking doubtful friends due to the endless amount of talented people out there who continue to create and inspire......

I'm heading to Los Angeles in the coming month to visit favorite yarn shops, patterns in hand and a list of required's the best day ever spent with the person who is 100% completely responsible for me knitting today, my cousin:) Four years ago she walked into the room with an arm full of the most beautiful, lush, and flowing soft yarns I'd ever laid eyes on to show us a new hobby she'd just started; my life hasn't been the same since, in many ways this hobby has saved me, perhaps an explanation of that for another day:)

Back to the needles - here's what I've got so far, I plan to wear it by the weekend and OF COURSE, don't you know???? The weather forecast is back up in the 80's.....this little neck through the loop scarf  is small and cute and can be worn with a sleeveless tee shirt! To heck with this mild Southern California weather, my knitted items will prevail through all heat wave conditions!

See you soon sporting this little number - dinner tonight for "Man In Black", something from the freezer so I can have every possible moment with my needles and lap dog:)


Prairie Rose said...

Love the Loop Scarf, its so fun!
I agree, Hot weather be danged!
Just wear it:)
I know what you mean about patterns.
But,then when it is time to start another project I get so overwhelmed with the options!
Have a great weekend!

a view from a brown dog said...

Pattern, I know the feeling but isnt great that we are inspired I think its beats the alternative so I say more the merrier! I have so enjoyed this weeks weather is it really going to be in the 80's again. *boo hoo*

Robin said...

What a sweet little scarf. I'm afraid of knitting needles. Maybe there's a crochet alternative! :o)

sherri s. said...

Ooh, I'll have to look for that cute!