Saturday, October 23, 2010

One's Good - Three's Better

I'm love, love LOVING this new little's pert near perfect!! Garter Stitch Loop from the 101 One-Skein Wonders book. So in my book, if one is good than three would be better - I've already cast on a nice tweedy Rowan in a rustic tan. The size is perfect, not too warm to wear but just the ticket for a little knitted something without standing out in the crowd next to the people who insist on wearing shorts and flip flops 12 months out of the year just because they can in this climate. (I figure they're transplants from the East who never want to wear a coat ever again).

I'm thinking I should have a cute pair of new boots to wear with the new tan tweedy loop....I'll be adding another candle to the birthday cake soon so that works, right??? New scarf needs new boots?
I'm thinking red for the coming holidays on the third loop scarf, what goes with red? New purse??? New perfume?????
See how this works?

I said I'd show you which knitted item I'd come back for in a natural disaster or some crisis (along with 100 other things in my house that I'd try to stuff in my car), but if I were allowed to grab only one knitted item -
It's not the scarf itself that is special (this photo doesn't do justice to the colors of the yarn) it's what this scarf represents; made with Blue Sky Sport Alpaca,

Alpaca yarn, my favorite yarn of choice to knit, the colors, beautiful rich colors of Fall - my favorite season.

The pattern, 6 skeins each knit until the yarn runs out and then picking up the next color with a simple garder stitch edging and stockinette stitch across the body of the scarf.

The memory, this project was based on a scarf made by my cousin, the person responsible for introducing me this awesome hobby.

Enjoy your weekend!! I'll be back soon with something new......


Kara said...

Cute scarves! I knit one like the scarflet before but gave it away. Seeing yours makes me think I need to make one for myself!

Prairie Rose said...

Awesome Scarves!
I agree... I think you deserve new boots, and a new purse to match;)
Have a great weekend!

opportunityknits said...

First time I've seen the bow scarf in garter version. That blue sky alpaca scarf is LOVELY!!! The colours are gorgeous and it looks like it will go with everything one can wear.

wagwinggarden said...

okay, seeing all the beautiful things you've been doing has made me pick up my needles again...been 2 years? it's not like falling off a bicycle...took some time remembering how to cast on... love your new background of the paw prints and as usual your blog continues to entertain me...thanks..

a view from a brown dog said...

Love your scarfs girl, they are beautiful! How fun and perfect the new one is! Yes boots, purse and perfume I totally agree.

Maria said...

Love your little scarf - a similiar pattern has been on my to-do list for a while and I actually got the pattern out very recently to give it a go.