Sunday, December 12, 2010

No Jack Frost Here!!

Do I dare tell you that while taking a quick pic of these warmers that we are wearing tee shirts and enjoying weather above 80 degrees this weekend? Not feeling very "wintery" around here lately - I'm having a difficult time getting motivated to decorate the tree and finishing the decorations. Instead, I'm feeling the pull of going outside and going for a bike ride, a walk, anything but adding an additional mess to the house that I've already got going on. Hopefully, by the end of the day today I'll have things picked up, dusted, laundry completed, marketing done, Christmas shopping with Mom finished, AND the tree done! Sounds like a busy day - oh ya, I also have to head down the street and make an appearance at a Christmas party at the neighbors open house. (Do you think she'd mind if I just hauled her decorated tree down to my house and borrow it for this year?) This woman goes into over drive for the holidays, she has three decorated trees in her house (one in the livingroom, one in the den, and one in her BEDROOM!). I'm still trying to just get one tree completed....although one year I too went into over drive and even had a small tree in my kitchen.

What's been happening since you last stopped by??
Here are the wrist warmers I cranked out during my jury duty....yep, they do let you knit while waiting.

Here's a quick knit to put away until the stork arrives (we won't know until the moment of birth what's been under construction), anyway, I'm knitting something boy, something girl, something "could be for either". I love the yarn used on top, I bought it because it has angora but mostly because of the name - Yum Yum.....
I love anything with fluff.

I plan to share Christmas in my house with you this are my motivation for getting it done. I see your blogs all you overly talented over acheivers out there!! The perfect trees, cookies, decorated mantels, wrapped packages under the tree......I would LOVE one of you to show me your sink full of dishes and the vacuum sitting in the middle of the room....I have decided I will be the blogger of "Truth".

A Peddling We Will Go!!

I really should be cleaning the house but who wants to do that when we can do this??
My house is seldom clean, always dusty somewhere, and definitely covered in dog and cat hair. Why am I sharing this fact with you? So that when you've had a bad day, a long day at work, when feeling overwhelmed....come on over and take a peek in my world and you'll get up from your computer screen feeling SO MUCH BETTER!  You'll know that somewhere out there in the world is a house most likely messier than your own!! 
Here, see mine? I've been telling you the house is a mess!!! Let's think of these as the "before" pictures....
the "later" will hopefully come by mid week.

Have a great day, be back soon, have fun baking, shopping, mailing boxes, or whatever it is that brings on the holiday cheer to your heart!        


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

We found fleas on my dog this week. I've been living with a vacuum cleaner in one hand....And it's been freezing here. Darn things. At any rate, I would say my house is spit spot spotless right now. I'll look forward to seeing your decorations. We just got around to getting our place decorated on Friday night.

opportunityknits said...

Love the colours on the wristwarmers and the fluff on the hat. My mum used to love angora yarn when she used to knit. That reminds me I started a wristwarmer and then forgot about it. Gotta to go look for it.
Love the bit about being the blogger of truth :) Yay! That's how my sink looks like most of the time :) and there's always dust and hair too!! I think you and I are normal, right?
Good speed on your day and all the things you want to get done!

Judy said...

I love those wrist warmers. I had jury duty last year when we lived in Illinois and I wanted to take my knitting but the security guard said I couldn't :( I should have checked into further.

a view from a brown dog said...

Love both warmers they are awesome! I am happy to hear that you can knit while waiting to see if you have to serve or not, at least that makes it more bearable, I think. The pink fuzzy hat is adorable and I too cannot beleive this weather! What the heck is going on?? At least the river looks like it will be nice and perhaps not as cold? Cant wait to see you!