Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year's Day ...... In My Life.....I've loved you all.

It began like this - a DOUBLE yoke.
I took that as a good omen for the rest of the day Yep, that's an avocado green stove...the whole trailer is green!
We're living one step up out of the campground folks....keeps us humble

Man In Black Has Yard Work Here Too!!

I pondered what I wanted to do while Man In Black worked outside  

Gina had her own plan in mind,
"lets' look for coyote": 

Annie said "are you kidding? It's freezing out here -
 pick me up!!"

Beautifully clear and crisp - perfect for whatever the day held

So we got in the car to drive.......

Of course, all the of important stuff was packed for this drive in the dirt 

I won a wonderful prize from Hesper from the blog Little House on the Prairie and wanted to share the joy!!

Speaking of Hesper - Manly, seriously??? Who does this look like???
This is my bud Cheryl.....Queen knitter of cute beanies!!!

Here's what I did get done, a couple of burp clothes....discovered I didn't buy enough yarn for the scarf I brought along...
now what? I guess a one skein beanie is in the future for tonight while I watch a Netflix with Man In Black 

Drove back to the warmth of home away from home.....

The weekend included some target practice shooting.....watching bowling balls shot from a cannon into the desert...
 and great food the entire time....
 we stayed up together until midnight and rang in the new was had by all.

Here's wishing each and everyone a wonderful new year....2011 holds the promise of exciting new adventures -
 I see time spent with the Beatles and a piano in my future..... 
 See you soon, have a wonderful day!     


a view from a brown dog said...

Sure looks like our weekend was fun haha. The back of your truck is my favorite who says you cant have a nice glass of wine while hanging out in the dirt?

Prairie Rose said...

What a fun New Years!!
So happy to see that in a small way I was a part of it!
And Yes!!!
The back of my head and the back of Cheryl's head are very similer, In fact I would go as far to say that we are Back of the Head Twins!!
And her beanie is darling!
Sounds like you brought in New Years with a "bang"!
Oh, and I guess I should have caught up on my blog reading before I did my emailing,glad it all arrived safe and sound:)