Thursday, January 6, 2011

River Walking

This week is flying by.....already Thursday and I've finished little of what I'd hope to complete...
I was thinking about how much I enjoyed the New Years weekend at Havasu, that's the great thing about going there, always returning home looking forward to the day when we can go back.
We walked a little, I just love Cheryl in her cupcake hat!! 

A beautiful day - not a single boat on the lake
too cold for this sissy to get her feet wet, we're talking 35 degrees 

This was the highlight of the weekend......always interesting
watching a nine fingered guy shooting a cannon out the back of his pickup

 Ranger stopped the cannon blasting so everyone moved to a new location for the event....
I laughed thinking of the Ranger wondering to himself how many fools there are in the world.
Truth be told I'd bet money he'd wished he could come with us and watch too!!  

After arriving home.....pondering the pattern and enjoying listening to the rain

I'll never be too old to rock in feet jammies!!

Have a great day.....I've been knitting on my lunch hour
in the car this week so I'll have something "practical" to share with you tomorrow....

I need to call that piano teacher and set up my first lesson, did I tell you my new project?

Well, when I have the teacher lined up I"ll let you know
what I'm planning.

Talk to you soon-----have a really wonderful Thursday!


Judy said...

My hubby gave me footie pajamas for Christmas. I can't wait to see what you make out of that beautiful yarn.

Kara said...

The cupcake hat and the footie pajamas. This post is filled with fun fashion!