Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life's giving's a good thing

It's Saturday and I should be cleaning and picking up everything I've left laying around the house all week.....instead, I want to do anything BUT that. I started off with a trip to Home Depot with Man In Black for lumber (that's a good thing in my mind, means he'll be working on a project and I'll have the afternoon to do whatever), what shall I do?

I'm going to join the "Fence Friday" photo group on Flickr this week.....this will be my first entry with this topic and taking out the trash I spied this lovely picture of my fence...what do you think?
The tree is loaded with oranges and they're almost ready for picking.....                                                                                        time to break out the juicer and get ready for an overload of smoothies.

Man In Black picked these from our lemon tree and plunked them down on the counter for me - right along side the iron!!

I love the look - something about the yellow lemon against the iron and glass bottle on the counter waiting to be put away, it looks like a "still life" to me....I've had it there for two days now and didn't move them because I like the way they look, Man In Black is probably wondering "will she wash and put this fruit away?, it's been a couple of days since I put them there for her".  

Note the colorful bag behind the washcloths?
I re purposed a Clinique Makeup Bag the mall was giving away with samples inside to keep my knitting trinkets in.
Don't ask me about the makeup - I was trying to pick up Cher's makeup lesson to Christina on the Burlesque movie!!

So, here's what I've been doing while eating my lunch Monday to Friday of this week....first I've come to a conclusion - I LOVE COTTON....I love the softness and when sitting in the sunshine in my car I noticed the little flecks of cotton that fly up from the needles and float up into the air....reminds me of when I sent the lady sitting next to me on American Airlines into an allergy fit with angora flying up and around my seat while making fingerless gloves. That lady was sneezing and eyes watering like you wouldn't believe, she said it wasn't my yarn because her mother knit and it never had that effect on her when she was with Mother - I put the yarn away and she recovered before the plane landed in Chicago - that told me her Mother knit crappy man made acrylic....anyway, back to the Cotton story, this is super soft and I'll be buying more.

If you're near a Michaels Craft Store today this yarn is 50% off for the reminder of the day - C.O. 36, knit 3 stitches for an edge and then 15 knits/15 purls and reverse after 18 rows for another 18 rows and you'll have a super soft little cloth!
Super Soft Wash - one for each day of the is a gift....a very special gift for someone who will have very soft new skin...

I really should get up and at least turn on the washing machine so I feel like I'm getting something constructive done over here - then something fun, I'm going to wind 10 skeins of wool/silk for a vest....tomorrow I'll post how it's coming along (not the winding - the knitting....)

Have a great day - hope you spend it doing something that brings a smile to your face...after I turn the washer on I'm thinking a bike ride is in order for the day!! Man In Black has started with the hammer and saw in the garage - I best leave before he finds he wants my help in holding something  - I'm sure he'll be asking me again "if I really need all those baskets I keep stored in the garage".  Have a great day.....maybe a lemon pie for dessert tonight....lemon cake? I'll let you know what I came up with!


Freckled Hen said...

Fresh lemons, knitting and a bike ride? Sounds like a perfect day!

Prairie Rose said...

LOVE the lemon photo!
Am very jealous of the lovely lemons too!
I also love knitting with cotton, not sure if it is all in my head,but it seems to knit up quicker too!
Have a divine weekend!

Leah said...

Your son is working on his motorcycle...getting it insured this week. Why must he do this to us!?!? *sigh. I wish it was just a bicycle. No motor included. What can we say though, we all know he will always be wild at heart. And we love him. I like your lemon photo. :)

Judy said...

I love knitting with cotton. I love that top picture, makes me want spring to get here faster.

Kara said...

The lemon photo is fantastic. I have some cotton yarn that is destined for some washcloths, but have never gotten around to it. I should pick that up again.

And I always think a bike ride is in order! ;)

Robin said...

love your iron and lemons photo! and cotton is so wonderful. so easy, so washable. ha... remember the zooey deschanel commercial? can't spell her name...but it was a cute commercial; her singing about cotton. nice to stop by and see your pawprint wall paper. makes me smile.