Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Clothes Pins....

Ok, let's continue and see if I can share a bit more of the trip.....
The trash over there? Well, sometimes they pick it up....and sometimes they don't.
So what do they do when it's not picked up?
They take action and set the mess on fire...no kidding, they just torch the piles right there as cars fly by and smoke blows. I'd like to take that approach to one of my neighbors piles of junk he's left in the alley and his driveway for months now.

The laundry, well, you just open up your door to your very small balcony and clip your clothes pins and hope they hang on for dear life...the breeze, yep, it's always blowing and there's the problem....they must loose a fair amount of clothing and linens. I love the look of the blowing fabrics....
I wouldn't have much confidence in my clothes pins to risk my wardrobe but this is the way of life here, some people may see it as messy but I love the look. I think I'd try to live down wind from someone who had great clothes - the Sicilian women had some really great clothes.

More beautiful pictures.....it is a lovely area and I'm going to go back...
Zoe, I hope you'll raise your little hands and say "Mama Mia, what took you so long Grandma?"

The pickles are easy....here's the recipe:
4 cups white vinegar
4 cups sugar
1/4 cup salt
1/2 cup water
1 1/2 tsp. celery salt
1 1/2 tsp. tumeric

Mix all of this together in a large bowl - do not cook....

Slice small cucumbers (pickle cucumbers are small) and 2 large onions. I bought about 10 cucumbers only because they didn't have any more so I'll need to check Farmers Market for more.
In sterilized jars place slices of cucumbers and onions and pour liquid mixture to fill the jars.
Put in the refrigerator for two weeks - shake the jars to mix up the liquid several times each day when your in the refrigerator getting other food...after two weeks, eat and enjoy.

A View From A Brown Dog up and moved before we did this recipe together...she's still just half of a tank of gas down the freeway but days are busy and life gets in the way.
I made Lemoncello too girlfriend....that we'll share together with needles in hand.

The spiced peach jam.....well, let's just say this is looking more like peach sauce. I suppose on an English Muffin with lots of nooks and crannies it could pass. I didn't add enough parfin and too many wonderful peaches......Man In Black said it tastes good so I'll go with that and not give any more attention to the consistancy. I like to fancy myself that in a past life I'm sure I was a rancher's wife, getting up at 3:00 a.m. to fix him hearty meals with potatoes, bacon, biscuits, coffee. I'd send him out the door while I cleaned up with my apron on and headed to the garden for an early morning watering....and so on...

Well, from the looks of this jam he must have been a skinny rancher man, I'm sure the coffee was bad as well since I don't drink the stuff - maybe I was a spinster woman instead. Either way, I'm sure I was out on the Plains somewhere with a few cows in the barn.

Enjoy your day -
The new flag: it's up.
The new rose for Zoe: it's in the garden.

The furniture: it's listed on Craigs List for sale....  I'll post the spicy peach jam recipe tomorrow along with my latest knitting project.  Have a great day....what are you doing this week????


Spare Parts and Pics said...

Wonderful photos of the old church... so intricate and detailed!

a view from a brown dog said...

Hello friend, it was so wonderful to catch up with you this morning. I have to say it's funny that i posted about a clothes line on my blog. So far so good i havent lost anything as the winds hits here every afternoon.
Your pictures are beautiful, the detail in the church above is stunning. And YOU are so right i am only a half tank or less away from you so we can still pickle those babies and sip some cello, and i am looking forward to that lots :)