Monday, September 5, 2011

Howdy All....

Welcome back....I'm still enjoying the three day weekend....although we're now on the last day I'm not allowing my thoughts to jump forward to the coming

let's think about this....A Rural Journal (Nancy) is taking a well deserved break from the many irons she had in the, I've picked up one of the torches.

Now, since I'm not a photographer, unless you want to give me credit for "point n shoot", this weekly series will be SO easy peasy.

Here's what we'll do if your so inclinded to join in the 3 pictures of the weekly "topic" on your blog, tell us which is your favorite and if you want to pass along informational teaching on how you achieved the great photo...those of us who point and click will be appreciative. If you don't want to give details...that's all right too, we'll just wonder and hope one day we can figure it out.

So, I'll be posting the Weekly Topic on'll have the week to select your subject and shoot away...then, post your photos on the following Sunday.

If you miss the Sunday posting - blog it on Monday so we don't miss out on your favorite photo.

Are you in???? If so......drum roll please.....this weeks photo challenge is.... GENTLE

what image brings to mind the word gentle?   

I may be the only one with a picture on my blog next Sunday...but remember??? The great boiled peanuts?

I've been in a group of one before.

Have a great day....I'll see you soon friends.

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