Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I never did get around to making the roasted tomato sauce this weekend but I'll post the recipe soon.
Instead...I went out to eat.
To munch while waiting for the tacos
Too warm to turn on the stove for a pizza today.....we'll have plenty of cool days for pizza later down the road.

The paint for the kitchen is here....a change in color from the grey/white/cream consideration.

I've gone with sage......white.....black.....and another color for the wall that you'll see when I'm done.
Not because I don't want to tell you the color, it's because I don't know what shade it is.
The paint color name is Contemplation....I went with this color, it summed it all up.

The upper cabinets??? I've decided to do something different, I'm going to make four stained glass upper doors. This is the new activity I posted a couple of days ago....hopefully it will turn out, otherwise?
I may end up with a kitchen floor covered in broken glass the first time someone closes the cabinet door.

This photo is from the local hardware store... what I have in mind is a bit more colorful and with flowers and birds....
Do I have any experience with stain glass????? That's a big fat NO.... The teacher has assured me it will work....I hope she knows what she's talking about.

This will be a slow remodel so you could probably check back in 6 months and it'll still be ongoing. Hopefully not....maybe I'll surprise myself and pull it off quicker.

These pictures are just random....it's too warm tonight to load new pics so I'm going with random shots...............
This is the oddest looking mailbox
move the box or shrub don't ya think?
Coastal flower box.....
plants love ocean air

Each plant is planted
inside a mattress
box spring
I suppose she had to do
something with her stamp
I'm going to work on the new scarf for awhile before calling it a day. It's with a single skein of sock yarn....wool,..... the perfect fiber for knitting in 95 degree weather don't you think?
See you tomorrow friends.



Sherri B. said...

I don't blame you for having a bite out in those temps! We have just started having summer weather up here in the Pacific NW!

Lap Dog is adorable and such a good helper with your knitting, I'm sure.

Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving your kind comment. Have a great Wednesday!

Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio said...

Going out to eat is a much better idea when the temps are so high. I will look forwarding to following your stain glass project and the painting in the kitchen. Chosing colors is the hardest job ever. They never seem to look the same on the wall.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That mailbox is so funny!

Your Mexican food sounds wonderful :-)

Heather said...

Isn't this weather just horrible? It is over 100 degrees in Glendora today! Needless to say, I am not getting a whole lot done myself!

My family loves Jarritos! Besides a margarita, it's the best beverage to drink with mexican food!

I've gotten real interested in succulents lately, so the mattress spring arrangement really caught my eye! What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing, and I hope that you're staying cool!

Randy said...

I really like the coastal flower box! What a great blog you have. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I really appreciate it.