Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Skeins of pleasure....

The grey slouchy....
out of yarn.....
what to do, what to do?? 

The Vest....
ripped and waiting
for another go at
picking up & counting
Tempo Yarn
A light colorful
shawl from the new
"The Best Of Knitscene"
release date - Nov. 8th

I'll give you the name tomorrow -
like most things in my house.....
I've misplaced it
A fun new pattern I
picked up on my trip

I only  bought the pattern and
some "woolie bullie" by
Road To China
Baby Alpaca, Cashmere
Camel, Silk

Soon to be a cowl using
the free pattern "alice"
from Ravelry

Have a great day friends....
see you soon.

1 comment:

Prairie Rose said...

Oh, my!
Such yarn yumminess!
I am currently using the most sinful (and slightly expensive) yarn to make my cable socks and I left the yarns label in the class.
So, I have no idea of the brand!
But, it knits up so beautiful.....
Anywho, I loved staring at your yarns!
Have a great day, friend!