Monday, June 9, 2014

how was your weekend?

busy over here:

dinner out on Friday
we had an early garage sale early Saturday….Steve's idea, not mine
Zoe spent the night so we were busy playing while Steve rang up sales
two trips to the local hardware store, one landscape nursery, and the donut shop….
a date night to take in the movie "Spider Man"
(Steve's idea….not mine, I didn't want to tell him I didn't want to see that movie)
a winning raffle basket that held movie passes….won by Steve…(see why I kept my mouth shut?)
Foodnet Work television show that decided Sunday afternoon's lunch…Chicken Salad...
a trip to Panera's Bread to find the perfect sourdough for the meal….
the grocery store where we know the first names of all the cashiers…
a stop with Mom's auto to the carwash, Target and Ross in search of a bird for the front planter bath..
a visit with Ron (who's looking well and quite adorable…for all those single women out there)..
a Netflix movie that was so bad I didn't bother to remember the title…
baked a batch of peanut butter cookies while the rental played on the television…a good reason to leave the room...

overall…a busy weekend

the highlight…Steve has put his mark on the term "repurposing"

the low point….I discovered I'm 26 rows on my knitting project shorter than where I was supposed to be in following along in the pattern….

I put the entire thing back in the bag and put my feet up to enjoy this great magazine...
it came as a surprise along with these cute towels in the mail from my sister-in-law Pam…
"Portland Pam" as she's been referred to lately…you see, we will be touring in what I fully expect to be matching outfits in Oregon this Fall together….peas in a pod, the two of us….

Eric's surfing trip was a success….and the new/old trailer didn't fall apart on the freeway so our future camping trips across America is looking promising….

the week ahead?
picking up the dry cleaning that's been waiting over a week and I need my work pants….
dropping off a dinner meal to my elderly neighbor who lives alone..
hoping the feathers stop falling off my hens face….big concerns what that is all about..
bringing home Zoe's new wooden table and chair set…cute and distressed…Pinterest approved

I'll write out the recipe on this one..
a great meal for summer and super easy….

strawberries in a pipe….
only creative Steve would have come up with this….

Steve's winning raffle prize…… he was one happy camper..

I'm off to work to pay my mortgage….have a great day….

I'll write the recipe tomorrow on the chicken salad….easy, great tasting and no cooking…..

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