Tuesday, June 24, 2014

it began with my first curb camping….Cat invited several of us for a sleep over….what's that…gotta go…be right back

no, it's not….I thought we were having a rain shower outside and got all excited and raced to the door…
it was just the neighbors sprinklers….waaaa

but this did confirm once again….I love the rain….and time spent real estate shopping (which I did again last night) in the northern areas may one day result in a move….

neighbor issues are a driving force…but to leave behind family and friends are an anchor that binds the heart…. so the real estate shopping?….. is for a home with many rooms…..

anyway, back to the curbing thing….
the official camping was to begin on Thursday, but Kat invited us over on Wednesday night for a Five Star dinner….
it was over the top wonderful…no detail was spared….Cuban food (no, she's not Cuban) and ended with a slice of coconut cake that would have served three….I wanted to take the remaining bits and mound of frosting with me back to the trailer to have a little piggy party, but I was at the "ready to burst" point of fullness…

only a handful of hours sleeping and we were off to begin the weekend camping…..
new Sisters joined….several I think….
Lisa, a new Sister on her first trip joined me for a very late night laughing session,
we laughed so hard and she kept wiping laughing tears away describing her husband and how freaked out he was about her joining The Sisters On The Fly…..
another Sister (also new to the group) Melissa spent a fair amount of the afternoon with me and we laughed hard about her boyfriend who she said she left standing on the curb with his bags as she left for the campout….he was instructed to leave and go have a nice life….he continued to text her over the weekend and she expected to find him home waiting….saying "looks like he needs to hear that conversation over again"…. the laughing was more like a roar….
she's a little bitty thing and a firefighter….I was puzzled how in the world she carried a bucket let alone a fire hose…we can laugh about that on the next campout….

lots of wine, laughs, way too much food…..and of course a bit of drama between a few women…it's to be expected….but the supportive sharing, soft voices of comfort, the arm around the shoulder, life experiences are the foundation of this group…..which is why new Sisters are coming on board often…

the weekend bonus…..I got to spend time with Jennifer….I've missed her…you never really know how much until they are standing right in front of you…..

so here's a few snapshots…. it was a great weekend and others are in the planning stages for the coming months…. happy week ahead friends..


Vera said...

Oh, sounds like you had a fabulous time! Thanks for all the pictures. Sure looks like fun.

Prairie Rose said...

So much fun!
I love all the beaming joyful faces.