Monday, June 16, 2014

now that I've planted more herbs this past weekend than ever before…

I best read up on recipes, uses, and vinegars for the wide variety of culinary goodness….

my favorite?….the one I'm hoping will grow as quickly as the weeds seem to be lately???

Mexican Oregano …. the smell is so wonderful and the location where I planted two will be perfect for perfuming my front porch….as well as keeping the feral cats out of the planter….

I didn't tell Steve it's going to grow 4' and fill in the entire space, at least that's my hope…

there's a kitchen herb garden, abundance of fresh eggs, tomatoes, peppers and onions….

right outside my back door…just a peek over the kitchen sink into this country life I've created..

it didn't stop there with my weekend gardening….

between the stepping stones, alongside the chicken coop edible flowers will soon fill in the empty space… mixed colored flowers with peppery favored leaves will be teasing beyond the hens reach…..once the coop door is opened….a flowery feast for the bobbing hens that peck nonstop

flowers here and there scattered between front yard planters, a pair of thrift store boots now planted with a matching pair of geraniums, lavender soon will grow beyond the height of the birdbath….

the gardens are coming along, ideas and discussions of future adjustments to our little plot of Earth...

does the spa stay or go?…..what to do with the iron gazebo?…..will we have the patio cover off and rebuilt before the end of the year?….

simple questions…simple decisions….none of them overly important…..

I worked this past weekend…bending, sweating, hands in the soil, vintage watering cans filled, emptied and refilled….

welcome to my world….

enjoy your week…..

I'm off on my last "Sisters On The Fly" camping trip...
my last adventure with them until next year….

the summer is booked with trips to the lake,
there's a boat waiting for me…
and I'm not going to miss it….

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Vera said...

Love all the pictures of your plants and garden -- looks lovely. Have a fun "Sisters" trip - would love to do that some day.